• Remove any food residues and grease drops from the cooking surface.
  • Clean the heated area as best as possible using suitable products and a paper cloth, then rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Immediately remove fragments of aluminum foil and plastic material that have inadvertently melted or residues of sugar or food with a high sugar content from the heated cooking area with a scraper. In this way, any possible damage to the surface of the hob is avoided. Under no circumstances should scouring pads or irritating chemical cleaners such as oven sprays or stain removers be used.
  • It is possible to use Barazza Multi Clean detergent or a neutral detergent or white vinegar and the Easy Clean antibacterial microfibre cloth with degreasing and absorbent action daily.
  • For stubborn stains we recommend the use of Barazza Easy Clean professional cream; pour a small amount of product onto a very damp microfibre cloth, rub, rinse thoroughly and dry. Be careful not to drag on cooking residues in order to avoid the formation of micro-scratches on the surface.