Jollynox products

Exhaustive and comprehensive range

Jollynox offers a comprehensive range of skilfully matched products, from sinks and hobs to ovens. The variety of products makes any customised combination possible at all times, satisfying and interpreting the needs and styles of consumers and proposing different types of matching systems, from modern and essential styling features to the more classic and traditional ones. The range of products also includes an entire series of taps and accessories to complete the cooking and washing-up areas, for guaranteed functionality and efficiency. The goal is to have a kitchen that is neat and tidy as well as attractive, allowing users to release their creativity without foregoing their comforts.

Find out all the Barazza distributors in Italy

The distribution network map provides complete information (address, telephone number and email) about Barazza distributors in each area of interest.
By contacting your local distributor, you can get information about the Barazza distributors near to you.

Online sales

For any Jollynox purchase made on Italian ecommerce websites and then shipped to a country outside Italy, the warranty and aftersales responsibility is with the Seller and not the Manufacture or Importer.

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