Vega built-in 79

Vega built-in 79

Vega built-in st. steel 79x50 1 bowl + drainer

Data sheet

Basket strainer waste: 3.5”

Equipment: seals, fixing clips, overflow, basket strainer waste and plug

Bowl size: 1 bowl 34x39x21 h

Base unit for bowls: 45

Cutout for top: 77x48

Technical features

+ Sink structure
Sink structure

Jollynox sinks have highly capacious and perfectly soundproofed bowls.
The drainers feature deep drawing which ensures liquids flow more easily.

+ Materials

Jollynox has always paid great attention to the choice of raw materials used. Designing a kitchen means first and foremost picking the materials to build it: these result in the practical and styling qualities of the whole composition.
The stainless steel used by Jollynox affords excellent resistance to external agents, a quality that ensures the material will stand the test of time.

+ Accessories

The sink area can be completed thanks to an exhaustive range of matching accessories: from the iroko, HPL or polyethylene chopping boards to baskets and stainless steel bowl covers, the colanders and the food waste disposer which reduces the quantity of waste to be disposed of by up to 50%, significantly reducing costs.

+ Equipment

The majority of sinks are equipped with an overflow, 3.5” drain and basket strainer waste with plug, and feature a 3.5 cm cutout for the tap.

+ Matching systems
Matching systems

The increasingly popular idea of matching these elements is down to the desire to create a coordinated kitchen setting. When Jollynox products are being designed, special focus is placed on the possibility of having matching hobs, sinks and ovens. The users' personal taste and requirements will guide them in the correct choice.

+ Taps

Taps matched to any sink type are available; they are made of materials which guarantee a long service life and maximum user practicality.

Product codes

rh drainer - st. steel - nylon packaging
lh drainer - st. steel - nylon packaging
rh drainer - st. steel - cardboard packaging and trap
lh drainer - st. steel - cardboard packaging and trap


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