Vega plus built-in 90

Vega Plus built-in 90 4 gas burners + double ring cast iron pan supports

Data sheet

Burner caps: cast iron

Burners: eco-flame, extractable, one-piece

Features: automatic ignition and rapid safety valve

Cutout for top: 84x48

Burners power:
• 1 auxiliary: 1 kW
• 2 semi-rapid: 1,75 kW
• 1 rapid: 3 kW
• 1 double ring: 4 kW

Product codes

st. steel


Different solutions, styles, and sizes, for an essential element in the kitchen.

Eco-flame burners Cast iron pan supports

Eco-flame burners with a steady flame which provide high heat yields accompany Jollynox hobs, enhancing performance. They optimise energy consumption and reduce toxic substance emissions by more than 50% compared to the legal requirements. The onepiece burners are simple to remove, making them easy to keep clean.

Gas hobs have a knob with an integrated switch, meaning a simple turn is all it takes to light and adjust the flame. The spark plus is inside the burner, away from any liquids which may drip during cooking or when cleaning the top. If the flame accidentally goes out, the rapid safety valve trips immediately.

Cast iron pan supports are particularly solid and improve heat distribution and maintenance and are equipped with protective rubber buffers.

Double ring burner is equipped with two flames for faster cooking.

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