Induction 60 cm built-in

Induction 60 cm built-in 4 Touch Control zones

Data sheet

Touch controls

Functions: power management, Booster, automatic pan detection, 1-99’ cooking end timer

Safety devices: electronic child-safety lock, residual heat indicator, overflow alarm and security switch-off

Adjustable power levels: 1-1,6-2,2-2,8-3,5-6-7,2 kW

Maximum absorbed power: 7.2 kW

Hole for top: 57x49 r. 5

Induction zones power:

• 2 zone Ø 210 mm: 1,5-2 kW (*)
• 2 zone Ø 145 mm: 1,2-1,6 kW (*)

(*) in Booster function

Product codes

black glass ceramic

INDUCTION HOBS and power management

Jollynox induction hobs combine a minimalist design with latest generation technology which offers: quick and evenly distributed heat, precise heat control and improved energy efficiency. They also offerspecial functions and safety features such as a cooking end timer, pan detection, child safety lock, overflow alarm and automatic switch-off.

With the touch controls it is possibile to adjust each cooking zone easily and accurately. The power management, available for 60 cm version, allows you to set the maximum power to avoid energy overloads.

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