Life 60 cm built-in

Life 60 cm built-in

Life 60 cm built-in gas oven


Data sheet

Functions: 2 (gas oven, maxigrill)

Programming: 60’ mechanical timer with buzzer

Equipment: tangential cooling fan, internal light, easy clean enamel stainless steel tray, stainless steel shelf, automatic ignition and rapid safety valve

Oven lining: easy clean

door: extractable and removable door with double heat-reflecting internal glass

Technical features

+ Front control panel
Front control panel

The front control panel on Jollynox ovens contains all the tools required to run and programme the cooking cycle easily and safely: the functions selector, the thermostat and the indicator light which indicates the electrical operation of the oven. Another indicator light also shows when the temperature set has been reached in all electrical ovens.

+ Cavity

The new cavities, available on all Jollynox ovens, are the result of research and innovation aiming at accommodating the current domestic requirements. More spacious and capacious, they allow you to save time and energy when cooking.

+ Cooling system and tangential cooling fan

Jollynox ovens are equipped with a natural convection overheating protection to control the external temperatures and keep them within the limits set out in the applicable safety standards. In addition, a tangential cooling fan is activated when the oven is ignited and produces a flow of cold air which, as it exits from the slits in the control panel, creates a barrier against the heat originating from the oven, further containing the temperature of the front panel. In ovens with external glass, the air circulation prevents any condensation, leaving the door glass free and transparent at all time.

+ Heat-reflecting glass panels

The door on Jollynox ovens features double heat-reflecting internal glass to contain the heat inside the oven, limit heat dispersion and maximise the heat produced by the oven for cooking, thus reducing energy consumption levels and maintaining the external temperature of the oven door low.

+ Internal shelf stability

The internal shelves of Jollynox ovens are especially stable because they run along a double rail along the oven interior sides.

+ Pizza plate
Pizza plate

For pizzas, focaccia and frozen foods, the plate in refractory material is the ideal way to oven bake.

+ Extractable and removable door

The special balanced double-jointed hinges not only make it easier to open the door and clean it, but they also allow rapid and easy extraction of the door itself, without the need for any tools. Once the door is extracted, it can be disassembled, cleaned and then easily reassembled onto the oven in a few simple and rapid steps.

+ 100% glass inner
100% glass inner

The Florence One and Century models are equipped with a door, the interior of which is made up of a single smooth surface of tempered glass which facilitates and speeds up cleaning operations.

+ Easy clean oven

The oven interior is made without any sharp edges or any welding points. In addition, owing to the vitreous structure of the easy clean enamel, the whole interior of the oven is even smoother: any cooking grease slides off for easy cleaning.

+ Self-cleaning panels

90 cm oven can be fitted with self-cleaning panels which not only guarantee the process, but they are also easy to remove and replace when necessary.

+ Gas oven
Gas oven

The gas oven, thanks to the burner with steady flame, always guarantees uniform heat distribution. This oven reaches the desired temperature quickly and affords performance levels comparable to those of static ovens with considerable energy savings.
The temperature is regulated by a thermostat fitted with a safety valve that prevents any gas leaks if the flame accidentally goes out. The combustion fumes exit through a special flue and there is therefore no need to drill the tops or rear walls of any furniture units.
All gas ovens are equipped with automatic ignition to reduce the ignition and flame regulation to just one single gesture.

Product codes

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